Oliver Long Distance Triathlon



    Race Date: Sunday June 2nd, 2024

    The premier event of the Oliver Triathlon Weekend – The Oliver Long Distance (Half Iron) Triathlon, features a 2km, two loop swim in the clean and protected waters of Tucelnuit Lake, in the heart of Oliver, B.C. The 89 Km scenic bike course takes you through the beautiful lower Okanagan Valley, past many of the wineries in the “Wine Capital of Canada”. The Half finishes with a two loop 21 Km run through quiet residential and along the banks of the Okanagan River.


    The overwhelming support of the Town of Oliver and the surrounding communities, before, during and after the event is unparalleled and is what truly separates this race from most others.

  • Course Information:

    All course details are TENTATIVE and considered under review until permitted

    Click below to view course maps.

    Swim Course

    Bike Course

    Run Course

    RidewithGPS bike and run course links:

    Long Course Bike:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/39070424

    Long Course Run:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/39070470


    • 2 loop clockwise swim course, athletes will not exit the water after the first loop.

    • Expected water temp 16 – 19 degrees Celsius

    • Rolling Swim Start

    • Triangle course

    • Swim course cut-off is 1:10 from when you enter the water.  If you miss the swim cut-off, timing staff will take your timing chip and you will not be allowed to continue.




    • Cyclists leave transition and ride south along Park Dr

    • Turn left on Eastside Ave

    • Right on Tucelnuit Dr

    • At Tucelnuit Dr/McKinney turn left then right and ride up Black Sage Rd hill

    • Continue along Black Sage Rd keeping right at the Old Barn as Black Sage Rd becomes Road 22 and comes out at Hwy 97

    • Right on to Hwy 97 and ride north on Hwy 97, past Road 6 and continue towards Oliver

    • Left at Rd 2 (*CROSSING HWY 97)

    • Left on to Fairview Rd

    • Right on Willowbrook Road and ride north towards Willowbrook

    • AID STATION is just north of Willowbrook Rd & Jones Way

    • Keep left just past the Aid Station as Willowbrook Rd becomes Fairview White Lake Rd

    •  Continue riding north on Fairview White Lake Rd and ride to the Turnaround

    • Turnaround point – junction of Fairview White Lake Rd & White Lake Rd

    • Follow Fairview White Lake Rd south back towards Oliver

    • Keep right at Willowbrook as Fairview White Lake Rd becomes Willowbrook Rd

    • Left at Fairview Rd

    • Right on Rd 2

    • Right on to Hwy 97, cyclists ride South along Highway 97 to Rd 18

    • Left on Rd 18 (*CROSSING HWY 97)

    • Cross bridge and Rd 18 becomes Ryegrass Rd

    • Continue north on Ryegrass Rd passing Saskatoon Avenue and staying on Ryegrass Rd, passing Silver Sage Winery, turning right on Orchard Grove Lane and up to Black Sage Rd.

    • Left on Black Sage Rd.

    • At Tucelnuit Dr/McKinney turn left then right on to Tucelnuit Dr

    • Left on to Eastside Ave

    • Turn Right on Park Dr


    Distance 91 km   Total Ascent/Descent 1116 m / 1115 m
    Lowest Point 277 m (at 14.13 km)   Highest Point 579 m (at 50.58 km)
    Uphill 36.63 km (40.0%)   Downhill 37.17 km (40.5%)
    Flat 17.82 km (19.4%)   Max. Height Gain 302 m
    Steepest Uphill +13.3% (at 27.45 km)   Steepest Downhill -15.6% (at 70.56 km)
    Longest Uphill 2.70 km    Longest Downhill 2.43 km (at 69.21 km)


    Oliver Half Black Sage




    • Two loop run course along quiet residential streets and along the Okanagan River Hike and Bike Path

    • There are four aid stations on the looped course

    • Please ensure that all garbage is dropped at the aid stations and nothing is left out on the course



    • The race finish is at road level just above the swim start

    • Please ensure your timing chip is dropped at the finish before leaving the finish area

    • Race results will be posted in real time online at sportstats.ca. If you have any questions or concerns about your finish time, please see the timing tent at the finish to discuss and resolve

    • Medical is located at the finish line


    Aquabike awards will go to Top 3 overall and Top 3 Non-Gendered Categories.

    Age group awards will go three deep in each age division for the Half Iron.


    Note: You must pick up your own Race Package and you must have valid picture ID to receive your package.

    Location:  Tucelnuit Elementary School located at 6648 Park Dr, Oliver, BC

    Tucelnuit Elelementary


    FRIDAY, MAY 31st

    3:00-6:00 pm          Package Pick Up at Tucelnuit Elementary School Gym



    2:00-5:00 pm          Package Pick Up at Tucelnuit Elementary School Gym

    2:00-6:00 pm          MANDATORY BIKE CHECK IN

    5:15 pm                    Pre-Race Athlete Meeting (Tucelnuit Elementary School)


    SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd

    5:45 am                 Transition Opens

    5:45-7:10 am        Timing Chip Pick Up (outside transition in SPORTSTATS tent)

    7:10 am                  Transition Closes

    7:20 am                  Pre-Race Briefing at Swim Start

    7:30 am                  LONG COURSE (½ IRON), AQUABIKE & RELAY RACE START

    8:45 am                  Swim Course Cut Off (1hr 10minutes after last swimmer enters water)

    10:25 am                Aid Station #1 (outbound) – Sweep begins before Willowbrook Rd

    12:15 pm                Aid Station #3 (inbound) – Willowbrook Rd Clear of Athletes

    1:00 pm                 Transition Opens for Bike/ Gear Removal (NO EARLY REMOVAL)

    1:30pm                   Bike Course Cut Off at T2       

    1:35 pm                  Run Start Cut Off | Bike Course Closed

    2:40 pm                  Run Start 2nd Lap Course Cut Off– Sweep Starts

    4:00 pm                  Run Course Closure

    4:00 pm                  Awards at Rotary Beach

    4:30 pm                  Venue Closes to Athletes | Bikes MUST Be Removed from Transition

    Course Cut-Off Times

    Due to restrictions of municipal permits, all participants must remain on pace to complete the race by 4:00pm


    The swim course cut-off time is 1:10 hour after the final participant enters the water.  Swimmers need to be out of the water before the cut-off.  Any swimmer exiting the water after the cut-off will not be allowed to continue.


    The bike course cutoff time is 1:30pm. You will not be allowed to continue onto the run if you do not make the cut off.

    You may also be stopped by race staff if:

    Race staff deems you in no condition to continue.

    It is calculated by your location, your pace and the distance on the course you are at that you will not finish on time.

    NOTE: We will be opening up these intersections to normal traffic flow in advance of a rider pushing the edge of the cutoff time.  This means you may find yourself having to obey traffic laws at the busy intersections of Hwy 97 & Rd 2, Hwy 97 & rd 18.  A race vehicle will proceed at cutoff time pace to inform you of your position and open the intersections.


    NOTE:  There will be a run course cut-off time at the run turnaround at 2:40pm.  No one will be allowed to proceed with the second loop of the run after this cut off time.  The official race finish is at 4:00 pm.  The run course sweeps will leave approximately 15 minutes after the last runner departs.

    We want everyone to finish the race.  We will keep our run course aid station open until the cut offs.  While completing the event is of paramount importance to all athletes, you must heed this rule of cut off times out of concern for your fellow competitors, race staff, public servants and members of the communities who generously welcome this event to their roads and trails.

    Transition Area

    Transition area is at Tucelnuit Elementary School on Park Drive.  Transition will be open on race day from 5:45 am and will close at 7:10 am to ensure all of the athletes are down at the swim start.  Only athletes who are wearing their wristband and are body marked will be allowed access.  Any bike not properly displaying the bike frame number will be removed from the transition area during the swim.  You will not be allowed access to the transition area to reclaim your bicycle and gear until after the last athlete has started the run around noon.

    Family & friends are NOT allowed in transition

    Swim 2km – Two Loops

    Rolling swim start.

    The swim course is a two loop clockwise swim and swimmers will not exit the lake after the first lap.  The swim start cut-off time is 1:10 hour after the last athlete enters the water.   All participants that are still in the water after 1:10 has passed, will be pulled from the course and not allowed to continue.

    **NOTE**  If at any point during the swim, race personnel deem that an athlete should not continue or are not going to make a time cut-off, the athlete will be removed from the water and will not be allowed to continue the race.


    Bike 89 km

    The bike course begins with athletes leaving transition and heading out and riding south along Black Sage Rd. and the turning right and riding north towards Oliver. At Rd. 2 athletes turn left across Hwy 97 and ride up Fairview Rd and out on the out-and-back course. There are two aid stations on the bike course – athletes will pass Aid Station #1 on the way out and the way back. Aid Station #2 in Willowbrook will be accessed only on the way out, plan accordingly.
    Aid stations will have bottled water, bottled sports drink, gels and bananas.
    You will be stopped due to cutoff times if:
    Race staff deems you in no condition to continue,
    You are far behind the next to last athlete,
    Note: There are two traffic controlled/flagger intersections in Oliver on the bike course.  Congestion is anticipated and it is imperative that the race does everything possible to harmonize with the local community.
    We will be opening up these intersections to normal traffic flow in advance of a rider pushing the edge of the cutoff time.

    Run 21.1 km – Two Loops

    Leaving transition runners head out towards Rotary Beach and along Lakeside Drive past the finish area.  The course is on quiet residential streets and on the Okanagan River Path and is a flat course.
    There are 4 aid stations on the run course serving water, sport drink, gels, and salt tabs.

  • Oliver is 45 Km south of Penticton in the Okanagan Valley and is a 5 hour drive from Vancouver.  The closest airport is in Penticton.
    Click on the Tourism Oliver logo for accommodation listings, entertainment information, dining out or any local area info you may need. Please feel free to call the Visitor Information Center if you have any questions or need any help finding accommodations, maps etc.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

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