You must be 16 years of age, by December 31st of that year, to participate in a sprint distance triathlon. If you are under 16, you cannot race, as per Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada rules. For a full list of age requirements for each distance please refer to the Triathlon BC Kids of Steel page.

16 to 19 750 metres – Sprint 20 km 5 km
18 to 19 1500 metres – Standard/Olympic 40 km 10 km

In some cases we are able to include athletes under the required ages noted above on Relay Teams. Please contact us directly PRIOR to registering to inquire.

Event entry fees are not transferable. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through Dynamic Race Events compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through Triathlon BC. We strongly encourage you to opt-in for Registration Insurance offered during the registration process.

In the event that we are able to open up a transfer option for an event, this will be communicated via our Facebook page and via email to registered participants.

The fee is to cover the insurance cost to race the course under Triathlon BC's insurance for the day. If you are a Triathlon BC member or a member of ATA or TriSask, the insurance is covered by your membership. We will have a list of all Triathlon BC members as of the day before the race to ensure we have everyone’s membership numbers to match the ID card shown.

Athletes who have not paid the fee during the registration process and who are not CURRENT members of Triathlon BC MUST pay the day of race insurance fee before they will be given their race package.

Athletes who pay for the day of race insurance during the registration process and then choose to become a member with Triathlon BC will not be able to receive a refund for the single day insurance, sorry.

When you sign the registration form we are entering into a contract with each other, stating that we are going to put on a race and you are the person going to be racing that day. Triathlon BC, as our insurer, has the entrants list and those are the athletes who are covered for that day. If we were to not check picture ID and have someone pick up a package and race under someone else’s name and get injured, our insurance company would not cover the race or athlete, due to them not being the insured racer.

All entries are Non-Refundable. Our policy is in place to ensure we are prepared well ahead of race day to execute a premium event. Please understand that we apply this policy to all athletes without prejudice.

We have partnered with RegShield to offer athletes the option to add insurance to their race entry...this will allow you to register with confidence knowing that in the event of the following circumstances you will be able to recover your entry fees:

  • Last minute work conflicts
  • Injuries
  • Family emergencies
  • Unexpected illness
  • Car accidents
  • And several more common issues that can sneak up

The cost of insurance is 6.5% of your total entry and you will be eligible for a 100% refund including taxes and processing fees if you need to cancel. For full coverage details click here.

With the addition of RegShield as an option, Dynamic Race Events no longer offers rollovers to the following year.

All race entries are NON-REFUNDABLE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to not opt in for RegShield coverage you will forfeit your option to recoup any costs associated with your registration.

Transfers to another series event, in the SAME calendar year, are available up until 2 weeks prior to the event you are currently registered. A $50 fee (plus Race Roster fees) will be applied to the transfer, regardless of the distance of the event. The transfer must be completed by 14 days prior to the original event for which you are registered for. Transfer requests after the deadline will not be accepted.


Timing chips will be handed out on race morning, just outside the transition area.

Body marking with Sharpies has been replaced with Race Tattoos! Tattoos will be included in your race package and should, ideally, be applied the night prior or race morning, before you arrive to the venue. If you have forgotten to apply them, or for events where race morning package pick up is an option, we will have a race tattoo application station for you to do the job!

Timing Chips - in the event you lose your timing chip during the course of the event, it is imperative that you check in with Timing Staff at the SportStats Timing Tent, located at the finish line area.

If you lose your chip during the swim, do not proceed to the bike portion of the event without a replacement timing chip. If you lose the timing chip during the bike portion, do not proceed to the run without a replacement timing chip. If you lose your timing chip on the run, alert a race official IMMEDIATELY. If you cross the finish line without a timing chip it will result in an automatic DISQUALIFICATION!


Swim Caps - If you misplace or tear your specific wave coloured swim cap prior to race start please see one of our team to replace it for you. Extra swim caps are always available at swim start for last minute swim cap emergencies.

Bike racks are set up and numbered, with each athlete number assignment being done by race distance, gender and age group.

Bike racks are usually number to hold 8 bikes per rack, with odd race numbers on one side and even on the other. While the racks spaces are not individually numbered, you will rack your bike anywhere on the specified rack that shows your number range.

Refer to the sign on the rack that will show you which way your front wheel should be facing, depending on whether you are an odd number or an even number.

Bikes do NOT need to be in numeric order on the rack, so long as your number is within the range noted on the rack sign.

Bikes should be racked by your seat with your front tire facing out.

No, as per Triathlon BC rules, you are only allowed a 8x11 inch space beside your bike for your gear.

Any bins, bags, excessive gear that does not fit into the allowed space will be moved by Race Crew and/or Triathlon BC Officials to the perimeter of the transition area during the swim portion of the race.

Bins and bags may be placed inside transition around the perimeter fencing. While we do have security, we are not responsible for any items that are left unattended in transition. Please lock up valuables and leave phones and keys with family and friends who are spectating.

No. Any balloons, bright towels left on handlebars, ribbon tied on bike racks, flour trails on the ground or any other means of marking your spot in transition, making it easier for you to find your bike is considered an advantage over your competitors and is against the rules, it will be removed during the swim portion of the event.


For events with a swim distance 1500m and shorter, wetsuits are allowed where the water temperature is 22C (71.6F) or below on race morning.

For events with a swim distance of 1501m and above - wetsuits are allowed where the water temperature is 24.6C (76.28F) or below on race morning.

Water temperature is taken VERY early on race morning by Triathlon BC Officials. Once the Race Director is informed of the water temperature, they will announce if the race is deemed a wetsuit legal race or a non-wetsuit legal race. We do not know in advance at most venues what the exact water temperature will be. You should be training to be comfortable swimming in the open water WITHOUT a wetsuit for the distance you are registering for.

What if they call it a NON-WETSUIT swim? You will have the choice to participate or not. When you sign up for the event, you should be confident in your swim skills and prepared for whatever the decision is on race day. As per the rules, we are NOT able to offer a participation wave with wetsuits (due to health/overheating issues that can occur) and we are not able to provide a refund or credit for another event.

Yes. Swim caps are given out in different colours, depending on wave start and/or distance. The brightly coloured caps make you more visible in the water to our swim safety personnel and on shore medical team.

If you lose or tear your cap before the swim start, please see one of our team to replace it for you. We always have extras at swim start for last minute swim cap emergencies!

If you are having trouble during the swim, roll onto your back and raise your arm to get the attention of our swim support team.

You may swim over and hang on to a support boat or kayak, you just cannot be moved forward by them along the course. Once you have rested and feel that you may continue, you can push off and carry on your swim on the course.

In the event you have not completed the full distance of the swim, been removed from the swim or you have missed the swim cut-off, your day of racing is over. An official will remove your timing chip and you cannot continue on the bike or run course. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please keep your wetsuit on the ground beside your bike in transition. DO NOT hang them on the transition area fence to dry.


Tribikes, TT-bikes, Road bikes, Commuters, Hybrid, Mountain...you can ride it! No e-bikes or bikes that are assisted in anyway by a battery or motor. Be certain it complies with the rules of equipment as set out in the Triathlon BC rules. Accessories, such as mirrors, need to be removed, it is your responsibility to know this prior to race morning, race officials will require they be removed before you can check your bike into transition. See all the provincial rules on the Triathlon BC website.

Bicycles of non-traditional patterns (bicycles with irregular rider position) are considered illegal unless approved by the Head Race Official well prior to the race.

For athletes with a disability, the term ‘bicycle’ includes: bicycle, handcycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle and racing wheelchair. Any para-competitor using equipment that is non-traditional should have it approved prior to race-day. Please note that not all of our bike courses are para-friendly, please email us to inquire prior to registering.

Please note – The term ‘bicycle’ does not refer to recumbent bicycles, which are illegal for all competitors, paratriathlete or able bodied.

You can use a mountain bike if you want to, though we recommend you use slick tires to make your ride a little easier and more enjoyable.

YES, helmets are mandatory! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Yes. Each event will have there own individual bike course cutoffs, dependent on regional permits and staffing and volunteer resources.

Please refer to each of the Events pages for their course cut-off times.

Mechanical support varies from event to event. Where we can ensure there is on course support, we have noted that on the individual event page.

Further details for each event will be included in the Athlete's Guide that is emailed out 7-14 days prior to event day.

All athletes should be prepared to be self-sufficient on race day - basic bike care, such as changing a flat tire or fixing a dropped chain should be in your wheel house of knowledge before race day! Talk to your favourite bike tech at your bike shop, they'll show you the basics.

All of our bike courses are open to traffic.

You must obey the rules of the road and keep to the right at all times, except to pass. Traffic Control Personnel are on course to manage intersections and allow athletes the right of way - however, you should ALWAYS be riding heads up and paying attention to your surroundings.

Drafting is when you travel too close to another competitor on your bike.

To draft is to enter the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone:

•Middle and long distance draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be 12 meters long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 25 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete;

•Standard and shorter distance events bicycle draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be 10 meters long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete;

•Motorbike draft zone: the draft zone behind a motorbike will be 12 meters long. This applies also for draft legal events;

•Vehicle draft zone: the draft zone behind a vehicle will be 35 metres long and applies to every vehicle on the bike segment.

Depending on the event, you will either be assessed a time penalty on to your total race time OR you will need to serve a penalty in the penalty tent located in transition upon your return to T2.

For all Sprint and Standard distance races you will need to be self-sufficient on the bike course. There are no bike aid stations for these distances.

For Half Iron events, the bike course aid stations have bottled water, bottled sport drink, gels, and bananas. Bottled water and sport drink are served in sport top bottles that fit in your bike cage.


Yes! So long as you are able to keep pace to finish within the course cutoff times, you can pace doesn't matter. If we are concerned that you are pushing the cutoff time, our crew or an official will warn you and let you know that you need to pick up the pace in order to keep within the limit or face being cutoff or pulled from the course.

It is always our goal to have every athlete cross the finish line and we do our best to encourage athletes on course, however, please respect our crew if they need to pull you from the course due to permit time limits or for your health and safety.

Run aid stations will have water and electrolyte drink available.

Longer distances (half iron) will also have salt tabs, gels and flat cola.

Specific aid station offerings will be detailed in Athlete's Guides sent out by email 7-14 days prior to race day.

No. Headphones and music are prohibited during ANY portion of the event and you will be penalized and the headphones will be confiscated until the end of the event.

This rule is for the safety of yourself, your competitors, our event staff and volunteers.


Aquabike athletes race time stops when they cross the timing mat at the end of the bike course. Aquabike athletes can then take their time racking their bike in T2 and change their shoes, before making their way to the finish line.

The time you take to rack your bike, change your shoes and make your way to the finish are does NOT get factored into your race time or affect your placing. Please come across the line with the other athletes and receive your finishers medal and be recognized by our race announcer.

We strive to have a photographer at each of our races for you.

Photos will be posted as soon as the become available from our photographers on our Facebook page and in our post-event email.

Yes. Each event has it's own unique post-race offerings. Please reference each of the events pages to find out what is being served post-race at the event you are registered for.

Water and electrolyte drinks are always available in the finish line area for athletes

Results are posted near the finish line at each race. If you have an issue with your time as posted and feel it is incorrect, please see the timing staff after you finish and before the awards ceremony.

SportStats, the world leader in event timing, times our events. Your results can be found immediately after you've finished HERE

We know that the biggest part of an athlete’s success is the family and friends that they have behind them, supporting them every step of the way. Post race meals are available for purchase your family and friends.


We have been fortunate that in 17 years we have not had to cancel an event due to bad weather conditions.

An event may be delayed or cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather. Should the event be delayed, the starting time of the event will be moved back accordingly. The delay will be communicated to all participants. The event management team, Triathlon BC race officials and local law enforcement have the authority to cancel an event if deemed unsafe to continue. If cancellation of an event takes place, please follow instructions of the event officials and local law enforcement personnel. Your entry fee is non-refundable in the event it is cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather.


Rules of kindergarten apply! Be kind to others. Belligerent, obnoxious behaviour and foul language to any volunteer, fellow competitor or race official will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.
It is the responsibility of each athlete to know the rules of our sport. The rules that govern triathlon in Canada can be found HERE
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