We are offering athletes the option to add insurance to their race entry...this will allow you to register with confidence knowing that in the event of the following circumstances you will be able to recover your entry fees.

• Last minute work conflicts • Injuries • Family emergencies • Unexpected illness • Car accidents

You will be eligible for a 100% refund of your registration fee and taxes (processing fees are non-refundable) if you need to cancel, for reasons covered by the policy. Supporting documentation is required to open a claim. Please see the Registration Protection page for more information.

With the addition of this option, we are not able to offer deferrals or refunds. This in place to ensure we are prepared well ahead of race day to execute a premium event. This policy is applied to all entries and athletes without prejudice.

All race entries are NON-REFUNDABLE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to not opt in for coverage you will forfeit your option to recoup any costs associated with your registration.

Race Transfers

Event to Event - In the event that you are unable to race in an event that you are currently registered, race transfers to another one of our Series events in the SAME calendar year are possible up until 14 days from the race day you are currently registered for. Transfers may only be done once per fully paid registration.

A transfer fee of $50 + Race Roster processing fees will be applied to ALL transfers, regardless of distance of the original registration.

Registration pricing differences will be applied if the transfer is to an event with a higher entry fee.

If you have opted in for Registration Protection for your original race entry and choose to transfer to another event, this will nullify your policy and your new event entry will NOT be covered under your original policy.

Athlete to Athlete – (2024) Transfers to another participant are available up until 21 days prior to the event (transfer must be COMPLETED by that time). A fee of $25 applies. This can be facilitated within your Race Roster athlete dashboard. If you have opted in for Registration Protection the policy does not transfer to the new athlete.

Changing Race Distances - Registered athletes can switch race distances in the SAME event (ex. from Sprint to Standard or Standard to Sprint) on their Race Roster athlete dashboard up until 21 days prior to the event. Refunds will not be issued for athletes "racing down".

Sub-event transfers after the 21-day deadline must be requested to Athlete Service - support@dynamicraceevents.com. Sub-event transfers are subject to availability within each sub-event.


If you are not a current Triathlon BC member, you can register online through their website. Click HERE to go to the Triathlon BC website.

One-day Triathlon BC memberships are only valid for the single event for which they were purchased and are MANDATORY for participation. Single day memberships must be purchased through Triathlon BC's registration link. The 2024 link will be posted once it is available.

If you are a member of a reciprocating Provincial Sporting Organization (Triathlon Alberta, Triathlon Saskatchewan, etc) your memberships are also valid and recognized by Triathlon BC. You will need your membership confirmation email to pick up your race package.

Sorry, USAT memberships are not valid.

You will be required to show Government issued picture identification (drivers’ license or passport) to pick up your package. If you do not have picture ID with you, you will not be able to pick up your package - no exceptions.

Package pick up staff and volunteers will ensure you are a Triathlon BC member (or member of a reciprocating PSO) or that you have completed your online registration for a 1-day Triathlon BC membership (Day of Race Insurance). If you have not completed this, you will need to do so onsite, online on your personal device.

Races are held rain or shine and will not be cancelled except for cases of severe weather. Dynamic Race Events management and Triathlon BC Officials will evaluate weather conditions and make an appropriate determination regarding initiation, cancellation or continuation of the race in question on race morning. Such determination shall be based on prudent consideration by Dynamic Race Events, in conjunction with local law enforcement and/or other officials. Any announcements regarding course changes or race cancellation will be made by the race announcer on race morning before the scheduled start.

In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, Dynamic Race Events reserves the right to alter, cancel or eliminate any/all portions of the race, or to make any modification concerning the time, length or nature of the event.

Any pictures captured of you on race weekend may be used by Dynamic Race Events for promotional purposes. By registering, you consent to said images or feedback use by Dynamic Race Events for any promotional or business purposes.

Items left at the race venue will be mailed out at the expense of the athlete. Dynamic Race Events will provide the athlete with the cost for S&H and once the payment has been received the items will be shipped. Due to limited storage space we are unable to store items for athletes to pick up at a future event.

Awards not claimed during the awards ceremony can be mailed out for a fee. Awards will be shipped at the end of the race season (October). If receiving your award is important to you, please stay for the awards ceremony or have a fellow participant pick it up on your behalf.

Dynamic Race Events reserves the right to reject a race entry for any reason.
Abusive behaviour, speech or foul language by an athlete to a Dynamic Race Events staff member, race volunteer or fellow competitor can lead to your disqualification at an event. Any athlete disqualified by Dynamic Race Events will receive email notification as to any decision made based on their behaviour and the appropriate agencies will be also be notified including Triathlon BC and the provincial or state triathlon association where the athlete resides.
Dynamic Race Events is not liable for any injury sustained by the participant during the course of training for, preparation for or participation in an event or any injury occurring to the participant following the event.
By registering, attending, and/or participating in any Dynamic Race Events event, the participant agrees to any and all conditions, policies, and procedures as set out by Dynamic Race Events and acknowledges their having been informed and understanding of the same. The participant additionally acknowledges that Dynamic Race Events may, at its discretion, change, modify, add to, or delete any condition, policy, or procedure, and that the participant, understanding the possible occurrence of such action, does hereby agree to any and all current or future policies and procedures required by Dynamic Race Events for the participant’s engagement in any activity hosted by said company.
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